The Name of the Lord

In time past people built towers majorly for defence incase the enemy attacked and breached the outer defences they would run into the tower and bar its entrance.

They would have provision of food and water and remain safe until the enemy gave up and retreated.

In Judges 9:51-55 the people of Thebez ran into a tower and were safe from attack.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, shield and defence for us.

Also in 1 Kings 20:13-30 Israel’s enemies thought they had been defeated because the God of Israel was only God of the hills and if they fought the Israelites in the valleys they would win.

But God was and is EL ELYON. He is MOST HIGH over every terrain and all circumstance because He is the creator of all terrain and rules over all circumstances.

The way we think and perceive God will determines our feelings and disposition.

To worship we think of ELAH – Our God, the only One worthy of our worship.

When we are in the valley we run to EL ELYON – The most high sovereign God and ELOHIM; the STRONG FAITHFUL ONE.

When we experience a need we run in thoughtful prayer into the name of EL SHADDAI who is strong and sufficient for us, or the name of JEHOVAH JIREH who is our great provider.

When we are sick we run to JEHOVAH ROPHE – The God who heals and when we need care and guidance we run to JEHOVAH ROHI – Our good shepherd.

When we feel guilty we run to JEHOVAH TSIDKENU – The Lord becomes our righteousness.

When we feel rejected and lonely we run to EL ROEE – God who sees me, JEHOVAH SHAMMAH – The Lord is present and JEHOVAH NISSI – God our banner.

JEHOVAH KANNA – God is jealous for us and He has travelled from heaven to earth, even facing death on the cross to rescue us from the forces that hold us captive.

When we need revelation we run to EL OLAM – From eternity past to eternity future. He is God of time; the God of the mystery of time; the God of the secrets of the ages.

When we feel powerless we run to ADONAI our Master and Lord.
When we feel God is distant we run to ABBA and EMMANUEL – Our father who is with us.

The names of God become not just academic knowledge but spiritual dynamite!

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  1. When we are distressed and depressed, we call on Jehovah SHAMMAH…He is our peace, bringing peace to the storms in our lives.
    Thanks for sharing…powerful piece

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