Friday Night Football

The wait is finally over... The #EPL season is back! Full EPL fixtures [Gameweek 1 date, time]: 11/08/2018 Bournemouth v Cardiff 15:00 11/08/2018 Fulham v Crystal Palace 15:00 11/08/2018 Huddersfield v Chelsea 15:00 11/08/2018 Newcastle v Tottenham 15:00 11/08/2018 Watford v Brighton 15:00 11/08/2018 Wolves v Everton 15:00 12/08/2018 Southampton v Burnley 15:00 12/08/2018 Liverpool … Continue reading Friday Night Football


Thankful Thursday

How excited are we to give thanks to God? On a day to day basis, I mean. Probably not that often, right? Well, then let this verse change our minds today. Thankfulness is a wonderful position to live from.

Is the Bible Sexist?

God has given every woman a purpose just as He has given men too.

Grace Over Pain

This post was inspired by some comments I received on a previous post; Christianity and Feminism. When i started knowing God for myself, there were bible verses i would read and i would question the thought process behind the writers. Some scriptures really never went down well with me but i hid behind the mask of ‘if it’s in the bible then it’s OK’. As i began to grow in my christian walk and my purpose, i wanted to find the truth behind these scriptures.

For the purpose of this blog, i will be focusing on women. I don’t hate men and i truly believe in the role God has given them.

From a very young age, i have been passionate about women reaching for greater heights. As some of you may already know, i run an organisation called The Pearls of Purity and one of the major…

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