Guest Post: Police brutality in Nigeria (SARS)

I was 6 when I, my parents and two sisters moved into a new flat off Agho. Elo was a few months old and Fegor was 1year old already. My gist partner at the time (my dad) was always travelling and I was made to babysit 2 annoying kids whenever my mum had to go... Continue Reading →

Guest post: Giving

What is Giving? Why do we Give? What do we Give? How do we Give? Who do we Give? On what basis do we Give? These questions always bothers me and most times i ponder on them a lot, but we are not all the same. We all have different backgrounds, different beliefs, trained differently... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: The World-Wide Holiday

The global sabbatical didn't change you and won't change you, whatever you are or will become is and will be by your own doing. Solemnly as I write, I try to daydream about my friends who traveled home (for safety, to reduce expenses and for comfortability so they say) because of the pandemic (corona virus,... Continue Reading →

How You Represent Matters

The destiny of a group, generation most times rest on the representative of that group or generation. 1 Samuel 17. If the representative fails, that generation is most likely going to fail. If the representative succeeds, that generation/group will succeed. Even in family, businesses, government, sports, class rooms, the person at the helm of affairs... Continue Reading →

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