Deals and Paradox

The tendency for humans to always search for ways in bettering and moving their lives forward especially when it seems they’re stuck on the journey called life has never ceased.

In other words, the importance of moving forward in life cannot be overstated because it signifies progress and also means we are not stagnant. Nevertheless, there are other times when the way forward may not be to go forward.

Let’s look at few examples of people who moved forward in their respective callings by either advancing backward, standing still or simply submitting to authority at the time.

For Moses to move forward, he had to go back to Egypt. Exodus 3

For the disciples, they had to wait until power was released onto them. Luke 21:49 Peter had to be sincerely remorseful and ask for forgiveness, Ruth had to sit still.

It might not necessarily be the same with us. For some of us it might be going back to learn a course or acquire a skill. For others, it might be that you need to forgive that person who have hurt you, for some it might be restitution and others it might simply mean to be still and watch God do his thing.

Standing still knowing that God is on top of the situation and that our challenges are small potatoes compared to the great times coming.

The way forward may not necessarily be to go forward and sometimes, our hardest grace is learning to stand still.

Regardless of where you are in the journey of life, I hope you find grace and courage to keep moving forward.

Many thanks for stopping by, until next time…



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