Don’t give up

Every so often we are confronted with rough reality and we must prepare our minds that sometimes we will fail and get a lot of rejections and disappointment, not necessarily because we have not prepared, prayed or hoped enough.

We must realize that opportunities are scarce and everyone can’t get it at the same time. You might not make the cut today but who says you wouldn’t tomorrow? So keep trying, keep pushing and keep failing forward.

Regardless of how it goes down, your success will be a function of how you react and deal with rejection and failure.

Don’t give up or give in. A greater opportunity awaits you.

Many thanks for stopping by, until next time… Love and blessings.



  1. Maybe it’s my phone, but the colour-to-text contrast makes it difficult to read through.

    You made profound points regardless. We are made for more. We can’t afford to give up just yet – at all.


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