Guest Post: The World-Wide Holiday

The global sabbatical didn’t change you and won’t change you, whatever you are or will become is and will be by your own doing.

Solemnly as I write, I try to daydream about my friends who traveled home (for safety, to reduce expenses and for comfortability so they say) because of the pandemic (corona virus, in Cardi B’s voice) how they’re coping with the situation at home as their aims were not met.

Some spent more, some are bored than they could ever be and they even wished they didn’t travel to their homes, even if their parents are happy at the other end. I tried to picture the extroverts amongst them, “stay at home” must have dealt with them and thereby making them feel tamed.

The introverts amongst them are getting chubby and excited that their extrovert siblings are home with them, hence they’re more happier than they have ever been, (possibly).

The ambiverts are not bothered, but are thinking of what to do with the world-wide holiday and how to make it seem wonderful and productive for them!
Husbands and wives are tired of the routine they’ve never paid attention to since they got married, the husbands have started to notice some odd attitudes in their kids which they weren’t available to notice since they are most of the time busy with work, they’re more helpless because they’re not friends with their partners nor did they court to notice about 80% of their wives attributes, now they’re exposed to 150% of their wives flaws they’re fed up with (😂)

Wives who are sometimes troublesome, lacking good vibes, short of ideas, bent by the society that they’re to do house shores and babysitting are somehow excited that now the duty is shared, the balancing of the home/family duty and wife’s duty to her husband is now obvious to some husbands who sees it as nothing.

For homes, where the father is out all day and the kids are the ones in charge of TV, the kids are now probably glued to watching adult channels like News, Sport, and so on thereby making them sad and troublesome between themselves, and also affecting the parents who are sometimes provoked to spank them or leave the TV for them so the house could be at peace, now it is a Joint Effort (😜)

For those who ran to their boyfriends house for isolation, I’m sure they’re having impromptu courting with their spouse to see who they intend to marry in the near future.

Is he/she boring & wired to one type of routine? Is he/she the nagging type? Is he/she compatible to be solemnly engaged with( till death do you path) for marriage?

Is he/she a soulmate that can always connect with you not only emotionally, bodily/physically, likes & dislikes, aims & goals, plans & ambition, But also “In your deepest fear” to encourage you? Is he/she the type that wants to change your diet to suit theirs(😁) now that you’re unofficially courting, decide what you want for yourself, your future and your kids.

To myself, a lot of online business are available and guess what, I need to make money, but I’m not interested. A lot of online courses are onboard to gain ideas/knowledge, I’m still not interested. A lot of friends whom may have been disconnected some time ago are trying to get connected, I’m not interested still(it’s a Hi, how are you?

Good wishes from my heart & prayers we will all make it and meet at the top in good health, and of course Okay, bye thing).

Don’t be surprised about my rigidity and not being interested in those things, Yes it’s time to make amends to broken friendships/relationships, it’s time to develop a skill and get new knowledge, it’s time to make money through the internet and the list goes on, but here’s my question to you!

Are you doing those listed things because you have no option on how to make the boredom useful? Are you doing it just to encourage your lazy ass that you could be productive? Are you doing it just so when you’re asked what you did with the holiday, you could say something?

Are you making money so that you could ball/spend more than you spent before the pandemic? Are you learning a skill just so you could show off that you’ve improved on yourself to your peers? Are you trying to gain knowledge or learn new words just so you could bombard your friends who have bullied you?

Guess what….?

You’re trying to temporarily mask your lazy ass/self! Yes, and i know some of you’d disagree with my point because you’ve made up your mind (clap for yourself).

Let me tell you something, majority of us will go back to the way we were before the holiday/lockdown and even worst(for the most lazy ones) because we are or have wired ourselves that way before we were restricted/tamed by the pandemic to isolation, and thereafter would act like a street dog that was caged for a while and peradventure break free from the cage for freedom.

The world-wide sabbatical, house arrest or whatever you’d call it, did it change you? would it change you? you changed or would change yourself.

Many thanks for dropping by, until next…


Writen by UDUBRAI Faith

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