Build The Pattern of The Owner

A builder doesn’t build his pattern, he builds according to the owners specifications.

You cannot build your pattern and expect the owner to live in it.

Exodus 25:8 For I want the people of Israel to make me a sacred TEMPLE where I can LIVE among them.
Exodus 25:40 Be SURE that EVERYTHING you make FOLLOWS the PATTERN I am SHOWING you here on the mountain

The temple God resides must be according to the pattern God gave.

You cannot give God the pattern you want and bring Him to live there. It must be built according to His pattern.

Any building that is built is always built according to the pattern of the owner, not the person given the job to build it, because it is the owner that will live in it.

This is to show that we are not owners of ourselves. God owns us and we are only privileged to build his TEMPLE (US).

Everything about us must be built according to the description He gives us. Be it schools, studios, church, football clubs, hospitals, governments house, relationships, marriages, organizations, countries, nations etc. must be built according to the description He gives, so that He may reside in them.

No wonder He doesn’t reside in many institutions, organizations, homes/marriages, relationships because they are not built according to His pattern.

Until we start building all these spheres of influence according to His pattern, He will not come and live in it.

How do I get this description or know His pattern?
One key today; HIS WORD

His pattern is revealed in His Word. He is already showing you EVERYTHING in His Word.

Lord, give us the Grace to know, follow your pattern and build this temple of yours, so that you may continuously live in it in Jesus name. Amen!🙏🏽

Submitted by F. Erekata


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