Your vote is your power

One of the ways nations of the world decides who becomes their leaders in a democratic system of government is through elections and in any election there are two major groups. The candidates and the electorates.

In Nigeria, elections are held every four years and if you are a Nigerian or you follow Nigerian politics closely you’d observed that it’s that time of the year when politicians go about campaigning, making promises and soliciting for votes from the electorates.

If you are very observant you’d notice that politicians at different levels are already strategizing by doing things that they wouldn’t do on a normal day all because they want to be elected or reelected.

Oftentimes you hear some people say with pride, “I’m not interested in politics, politics is a dirty game” Well, they can as well say, “I’m not interested in my standard of living, my health, my job, my rights, my freedoms, my future.

The truth is that whether you are interested in politics or not, politics is interested in you because politics is the process that brings into power the people that oversees the affairs of a country.

We all know how this present government promised Nigerians “change” to fight insurgency, corruption and provide jobs but for the past three years what we have seen is impunity,cluelessness, incompetence and insecurity coupled with unemployment at its peak and when you look at the country generally there’s nothing positive to write home about especially for a government that rode on the slogan of change.

One thing that’s obvious in Nigeria’s political space today as regards the attitudes and perceptions of majority of Nigerians is that they have realized that politicians and government have taken them for granted for too long and the time has come to prove to the government that the power to decide their future belongs to the people.

One thing these political gladiators must know is that Nigerians are tired of bad and self centered leaders and there’s no more guarantee for a second term for any candidate who fails to do anything tangible in his or her first term.

Politician must know that their reelection depends on their first term achievements.

For those Nigerian that have their PVC (permanent voter card) and as well desire a better Nigeria not just for today but for the future generations to come must do away with sentiments and tribalism.

Do not sell your conscience and future for peanuts, vote for a candidate who’s in touch with reality, someone who has the interest of Nigerians at heart.

So wherever you resides be it north, south, west or eastern part of Nigeria as you cast your votes come 16 February 2019, know that the ball is in your court and you have the chance and power to make the right choice, a chance to shape your future and that of the generation to come.

Know that how and who you cast your vote for will determine directly or indirectly the direction of your future be positive or negative.

Think Nigeria, think your future and that of the generation to come and ensure that your vote counts.

Finally, you can afford to be indifferent about politics but what you cannot afford to do is to be indifferent about governance.

But the question is what right do you have when you fail to participate in the process that brings about governance?

Many thanks for stopping by, until next time… Wishing Nigeria a peaceful elections.

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