Bless the Lord!

If there was any man who knew the importance of telling his soul to bless the Lord! It was King David.

Our soul is the rootage of our feelings, emotions and desires and unfortunately our soul doesn’t always feel like blessing the Lord.

There will be moments in our lives when our soul feels like giving up, whining and will demand its right to be heard and to have its way.

At those moments, we must treat our soul just like you treat an out-of-control kid. We must command our soul, like David did, to bless the Lord!

Tell that negative committee that meets in your head to sit down and shut up!

Your spirit should be the part of your inner man that calls the shots in life. Unfortunately, in our 21st Century, world, we have majored on the soul and minored on the spirit.

You would never be able to walk by faith and not by sight if you allowed your soul to be in charge. Our souls are driven by our circumstances but our spirits are led by the Spirit of God and the Word of God.

Do not let your soul to boss your spirit around no matter how loud it becomes!

Your soul says repulsive things like this:

  • I’m too tired to pray.
  • I’m good for nothing.
  • I can’t make it in life.
  • I’m too tired to lift my hands in worship.
  • I can’t afford to put anything in the offering basket this week.

But when your spirit speaks, it sounds a whole lot like the Word of God:

  • I am so thankful for today!
  • In the presence of God there’s fullness of joy.
  • I love being a cheerful giver!
  • I refuse to worry.
  • I’ll trust the Lord to supply.
  • I’m rich in Christ Jesus.

Your attitude determines your ultimate altitude in life. The ability to speak the right words and be in control of your feelings is what makes all the difference.

Flex your spiritual muscles and let your spirit to guard and control the responses of your soul to life.

Bless and affectionately praise the Lord, O my soul, And all that is deep within me, bless His holy name. PSALM 103:1 AMP.

Many thanks for coming around, until next time….


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