It is a great privilege to witness another year of celebrating independence day as one, even though there are agitations by certain group for division. I salute the few leaders in the society, that are making this country to witness growth in the; entertainment, sport, church, education, media, family, and business sphere of influence. The aim of this writing is to give to the next generation not just a message of hope, but also a visionary message. Whenever, problematic issues or topics of this nation are discussed on the media, the first thing in my mind is “leadership”. A lot of people will agree with me that bad leadership is the root cause of the problems facing this nation, while some people will not agree with the notion that bad leadership is the main problem of this country. In Nigeria today we are faced with problems such as; corruption, weak institutions, insecurity, low life expectancy, poverty, mismanagement and embezzlement of public funds, unequal resource allocation, oppression of minority, oppression of majority by the powerful minority in charge of the affairs of the country and many more. Nigeria is a nation that fought for her independence and got it without bloodshed, therefore you (teenagers) can also fight for what is yours without bloodshed. However, you have to start now. 

Furthermore, everyone has the potential to be a leader. Sam Adeyemi defines leadership as the ability to influence. Some people say, you are only a leader when you occupy a particular position. You do not need to occupy a particular seat of power before becoming a leader. Leaders are not born, they are made. You are what you think you are. Everyone has the potential to be a leader, the moment someone realizes that he or she has the ability to influence people, circumstances and his or her surroundings in one way or the other. My message therefore to the teenagers is that you are leaders not of the future, but in every moment of your life. The leaders of this country you hear about stealing public funds today, and have no fear of God, no feelings for humanity, were once teens that did not get it right in the process of their integration into the society as teenagers. They went through different stages in life and also thought they will change when they grow up, they lost sight of their vision to be agents of positive change to the society. They might have reached the top positions in the society through different means and have to pay the price now, but you (teenagers) still have the opportunity to be a leader of the people, a leader of principles, a leader after Gods’ own heart. Do not be deceived by the people that tell you it can never change. The present generation of youths has fallen into that trap and has sold themselves to men that use them as they wish like toys in the hand of a baby.

However, to this new generation I see leaders in different sphere of the society turning the leadership situation of nations around. I see a group of leaders’ blowing like the wind that no man knows where it is coming from and where it is heading, strong and unstoppable. I see leaders of high standard, leaders of divine “ETHICS”. When people say things such as; it has never happen, it can never happen, face reality. I say to them, and now to you this new generation (teenagers) that it can happen. The reality you see today was created by another man that saw what today would be like; the reality you accept today was once another man idea, vision and dream. Abraham Lincoln wrote, “That some have succeeded is proof that others can as well”.  Why then do you think it is impossible? Why stop dreaming? God said that “to your young men I will give visions” and He has not stopped and neither will God stop in your generation. I say to you that your tomorrow can only be excellent, if you decide to make your today the best by following the right path. Ebenezer Okechukwu wrote “Your approach to destiny is crafted by your choices. Your destiny is crafted by your choices; your future is shaped by your daily routine”.

To some I will say “come let’s go”, “follow me”, “try and catch up”, and to others “watch us soaring like an eagle”.


Erekata Famous O.
To: Nigeria Teenagers   



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