Where Art Thou? #Question#God#Bible 

And the Lord God called unto Adam and said unto him, Where art thou? Genesis 3:9 

Why did God ask where Adam was? Does it mean that he did not know his whereabout? After all God is the Omnipresent. The God who’s present everywhere at once (who is everywhere) . Am sure you’d wondered also or perhaps you’ve never taken a closer look at this verse of the bible. Some facts about Adam and Eve story is that God knew they will be tempted by the serpent and that’s why he made a way of escape for them by expressly commanding Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge and evil. It might interest you to know that the devil does not have a solution to God’s word when rightly applied to circumstances of life. The temptation of Jesus is a perfect example. 

Jesus knew the word and he made use of it by simply speaking it. We are expected to use the word at all time, the word is a very potent weapon which transcends time and space for without the word was nothing made that was made. Speak the word in season and out of season. 2Timothy 4:2

How often do you speak the word? In Genesis 3:3 we can also say that Adam did passed the instructions to Eve because Eve wasn’t there when God gave Adam the commandments.

It is safe to say that God’s question in Genesis 3:9 is metaphorical because he obviously knew where they were, what they have done and in the state they were in the garden. My submission about the question where art thou? is that God was asking them where their priorities were in the assignment he gave them, where they were in keeping to his commandment, where they were in attending to the garden. 

Likewise today, God is asking us the same questions; where are we in keeping to his word, where are we in loving one another, where are we in the assignment he has given us? Where are we in studying his word? Where are we in evangelism? where are we in being truthful? where are we in giving and helping one another? Where are we in prayer? Where are we in submitting to authority? In our place of work where are we? In our personal business where are we? In our relationship with people where are we? 

we can therefore say that the question is more of attitudinal. It calls our attitude into play, how is our attitude like towards God and his business. As humans we don’t have a say in the instructions of God because the foolishness of  God is wiser than  men; and the  weakness of God  is stronger than  men. 

God created us in his image and he also gave us the free will to choose between good and evil. God will never force anyone against his or her will. The onus now lies on us to make certain that our attitudes are in line with God and his commandments as we walk the path of life. 

Thanks for reading, wishing y’all a happy sunday and a wonderful week ahead. stay blessed.



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